By: Fa'Bianca Turner


Petroleum is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons that is present in certain rocks and can be extracted pumped and refined to produce fuels.

Non-renewable or Renewable?

Therefore, petroleum is the only commercial nonrenewable fuel that is naturally in liquid form.

Brief History

The petroleum industry began in 1859, when oil pioneer E.L. Drake drilled a well on Oil Creek in Pennsylvania which later became Titusville. As a result various wells were drilled. Today we depend on petroleum for dyes, fuel, automobiles, and much more.

Environmental Impact

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• Has a negative impact on the environment because it is toxic.

• Can cause cancer and asthma it also harms plants and animals.

• Contains traces of sulfur and nitrogen compounds, which produce poisonous chemicals.
• Oil spills runs into our fresh water contaminating it making it unsafe to drink.

Major Uses

Reasons to Use Petroleum