The Giver

By Lois Lowry created by Jose Vanegas

Book summary

Imagine living in a community where everything is controlled. The Giver takes place in a dystopia where a selected group of elders control the entire community. Children are placed in family units, which are selected by the elders after thorough observation. Now, imagine having a person that keeps all the memories locked in his head, for your benefit. You don't even know who your parents are. This is the type of community Jonas lived in. Jonas was like every other persons in his community, doing the same things every single day. One day when Jonas and his family attended a Ceremony, he was elected to be the new receiver of memory. In his first day as the new receiver of memory, he met the Giver. The was the person that had all the memories and had to give it to Jonas. Jonas saw many things he did not know that existed with the Giver memories. After time passed, Jonas decided to leave the community and take the Giver with him. The bad thing was that the Giver couldn't go because, without him, there would be nobody to have all the memories that the Giver has. Jonas understood, so he decided to go alone. When Jonas heard that the family were going to release Gabe, his youngest brother, he knew he had to take him. So he did. Gabe and Jonas went to a place far away.

Main Character-Jonas

Jonas faces a series of challenges because he knows he is different than the rest. He is selected to be the receiver of memory. He has many challenges because he is the receiver of memory. He has to keep quit about his day during dinner. He also cant ask any questions to his parents about what he talks about in his job. One of the most difficult challenges that Jonas had to face was the new experience of all the Giver memories. Jonas is a very intelligent and nice person. When he heard that Gabe was going to be released, he took Gabe with him. Even with all the challenges he has, he overcomes them.

Other important characters

Teacher-like questions and quote

What is your favorite quote from the novel and another Teacher like question.

"My work would be finished when I have helped the community to change and become whole."

What does this novel teach students?

2 more question and my overall rating

What is the author overall tone in the novel?

What kind of person would like this book?

I liked the book because it shows a new story. Most of the stories have a happy setting at the beginning but this one is not so happy. I also like that the book shows a different kind of society. What I disliked about the novel was that I had to read it another time to understand the novel well.