Internet Safety

How safe are you from the internet?

Are you safe?

On the internet there many bad things for example viruses,hackers,internet stalkers and internet bullies make sure that no can see you and try and make friends with unless you know them also how safe are your accounts many people sometimes try and hack you like Facebook so make sure your password are very good as you don't know what they were to do on your accounts.

Who are you letting into your computer?

Do you want viruses on your computer? If not then do not click on things you don't believe are true so if there's a win on your bottom of your computer DO NOT CLICK on it as it as its a viruses and that's one way to break your computer.

Internet stalkers are when someone who you don't no and DO NOT ADD THEM as they may be paedophiles and look at your pictures and try and make friends with you.

social media

If someone send you a request what are you going to do? say no unless you know them but if its someone you don't no they say no as they could be try and track you and be friends with you.

How to not attract people you don't know?

Do not put pictures of your self if your sett it to private so no one can see it unless your friends because they will try next do not accept from people you don't know.

Who can you talk to if you have been threatened?

Talk to a teacher or a adult as that's the best thing to do or just take down that website because if your threatened then you are trouble as you do not no what they are going to do.