By Austin Brandt

China's Flag

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Capital City: Beijing

Population: 1,349,585,838 As of Today

Physical Features

The highest mountain that borders Mt. Everest and is 29,035 feet. The Great Wall of China stretches for 1,500 miles long.
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Countries that border China

(North) Mongolia

(East) South Korea

(South) Myanmar and Bhutan

(West) Afghanistan and Kazakhstan

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Mao Zedong was leader of the Communists.

In 2009 after decades of enforcing a strict one-child policy.The government being encouraging many couples to have 2 children in order to balance the aging population.

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History continued

In 2011 China because the world's second largest economy.

In 1279 The Mongols, led by Kublai Khan, conquered China and start the Yuan dynasty.

People and Places

China is the fourth largest country in the world. Mt. Everest is known as Qomolangma in Chinese. The area of China in square miles is 3,705 square miles.

China has alot of volcanoes but most are inactive.


Nearly everyone in China likes mah-jongg, a game with tiles.

A popular holiday is the Spring Festival, known as Chinese New Year.

Kids that live in the country on or city have to study alot.

Lifestyle contiued

In school kids would often have to share supplies like books, pencils, and paper.


China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

not many Chinese own cars, but it is becoming more common.

some people travel in pedicabs, which are 2 vpassenger buggies pulled by 3- wheeled bikes.

Society contiued

China sells more rice, tobbacco, corn, and soybeans than almost any other country in the world.


It took one million workers 14 years to build the Forbidden City, the fromer home of the emperors.

They started in 1406, and as soon as it was finished, no commoners were allowed inside it's walls.

Random contiued

The Forbidden City is surrounded by a moat and a high wall.