Going Google

Volume 2 - Issue 14

Add More Fonts in Google Docs

Using only the default fonts in Google Docs and Google Slides can be rather boring if you’re a font addict who enjoys creating fun, eye-catching presentations. Adding more fonts is simpler than you think! Just click the drop-down beside the font and scroll to the bottom of the font list. Click on More fonts…

From the resulting boxed list of fonts, simply click on your font choices and watch them populate your font list on the right side. Fonts added in Google Docs will also be available for use in Goole Slides (Presentations).

Images in Google Slides

Working with images in Google slides just got easier. You can now adjust and customize images by cropping inside your google presentation. You can also crop your image into a particular shape. Finish your image by adding a border. This one minute video shows you how.
Borders and Crop Images in Google Presentations

Adjust the Number of Printed pages for Google Sheets

When you print in Google Sheets, (Google Spreadsheet) you will only have the option to adjust the width. By increasing the width of the columns, it is going to shrink the spreadsheet.

Adjust the number of printed pages for Google Sheets

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