Religion Purposes


What are Symbols????

Symbols are a thing that represents or stand for something. etc, Image or Belief

Roman Catholic Symbols

This represents peace or a message

Jewish Symbols

The David Star is a symbol of unity


Beliefs are something that someone believes in and it doesn't matter if they are real or fake

Roman Catholic beliefs

The Roman Catholics believe in Jesus

Jewish beliefs

The Jewish people believe in God


Rituals are repetitive actions that occur frequently

Roman Catholic rituals

This is the Roman Catholic primary ritual, it is mass

Jewish rituals

This is a daily Jewish ritual, because they pray morning, afternoon and evening

Myths and Other stories

Myths are stories that are untrue, they are made up stories that people tell

Jewish Myths and Stories

This is a book of Jewish Myths and stories

Roman Catholic Myths and Stories

They believe that you have to be a catholic to be saved

Social Structures

A Social Structure is the top to bottom leaders of a church or school etc

Roman Catholic Social Structures

Roman Catholic structures and order of importance


Rules that people should abide by

Roman Catholic Ethics

This shows us the Roman Catholic Ethics

Jewish Ethics

Jewish Ethics are written in books

Sacred Texts

Sacred Texts are holy stories and writings

Jewish Sacred Texts

This is a book of Jewish Sacred texts

Roman Catholic Sacred Texts

This book is of Roman Catholic sacred texts

Religious experience and spirituality

Religious experience is like luck, when something helps us out for a change and Spirituality is like a journey

Roman Catholic religious experiences and spirituality

This picture shows a religious experience and a spirituality direction

Jewish religious experience and spirituality

This picture shows us a religious experience and spirituality