Grassland Biome Project

By Jacob Wilson and 7th period

Two Different Kinds of Grasslands

Temperate Grassland, Tropical Grassland

Temperate Grassland is below

Tropical Grasslands receives less rain and has trees found between a tropical forest and a desert

Temperate Grassland Description

Location- North America has the Great Plains of the Midwest

General Characteristics- Has the darkest and richest soil in the world

Temperate Grassland Abiotic Factors

Temperature- Sometimes more than 100ºF

Precipitation- Has a yearly average of 20-35 inches

Landforms- none

Temperate Grassland Biotic Factors

Animals- Has buffalo, dogs, insects, and birds

Plants- Has purple needlegrass, wild oats, foxtail, ryegrass, and buffalo grass

Temperate Grassland Ecological Concerns or Issues

Catastrophic Events- The habitat is shrinking because of the conversion of grassland to farmland

Human Impact- Humans are converting of grassland to farmland