Tanki Online

A fun game YOU should play (not in class)

Tanki online is the first online real time pvp game against other players. When you start you receive a virtual tank and 500 crystals (the in-game currency.) You can join battles and battle other tanks. If you dont like the weapon and hull you have you can go to the garage and buy something different. As you play more you gain xp or experience points and you can level up giving you more crystals. There are 4 different game modes: death-match (everyone vs everyone), team death-match (same thing but with teams), CTF (capture the flag) and CP (control points). The more people in the battle and the more kills/flags/points captured the battle fund increases. Also the higher you are up in the leader-boards the more crystals you get at the end of the battle.
Big image
Some of the turrets you will see in game
Tanki Online Trailer
This is the offical trailer to the game

If you want to play the game click one of the two links, the first one is recommended.

If you want to get extra crystals click here to go to another smore with more instructions. (Gets you free crystals)

The game link (without extra crystals) is here.


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