West Olympia CC October 1

Foundations & Essentials Week 4, Challenge Week 6

Well, the year is fully underway. The newness has worn off and the daily-ness of it all is settling in. If your homeschool is anything like mine, you are finding that some of the things you planned aren't going quite as you expected. Or maybe you are just now implementing some new ideas and figuring it out as you go (also like our school! :)

Be encouraged friends - We all make it work as we go, learn from what isn't working, and have little happy parties when we realize that something actually did go as planned!! But remember who holds us all in the palm of his hands. Trust him to work out all the details - he has the best view of it all.

Proverbs 16:9 ESV

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

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Definition: Classical Education

Take a few minutes & watch this TED video. It is a wonderful introduction (or reminder) of the basics of Classical Education. It would also be a good resource to share with others who want to know what CC is all about.

Foundations Digging Deeper at Home (For NEXT WEEK!)

Here are a couple of resources regarding our Science Experiment coming for Week 5:

Science Guys: The Naked Egg and Osmosis

Making a Naked Egg

Experimenting with a Naked Egg

(Please dont share these with your kids till after community day - that way they can really enjoy the process of the experiment.)

Essentials: Play a game with Nouns!

Challenge Overview

  • Challenge A will be working on drawing South America and memorizing its capitals and researching the Ocean for Science
  • Challenge B is working on their Science Fair project and reading "Where the Red Fern Grows"
  • Challenge I is researching the US Energy Policy for Debate and writing a lab report using the Scientific Method outline.
  • Challenge II is researching Fungi for Science and reading "Gullivers Travels" as they learn about satire.

Dont forget! Mom's Night Out

Monday, Oct. 5th, 7pm

Olive Garden, West Side of Olympia by the Mall

Please RSVP By Oct 2 so we can make reservations! http://www.bigtent.com/group/calendar/event/94228854?trackback

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