By: Christian Almanza

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Michael Jordan before the legend

Michael Jeffery Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 17,1963. He moved to North Carolina as a young child with he's brothers and sisters. Jordan went to Emsley A. Laney High School and became a good student and a excelled athlete player in three sports Football,basketball and baseball.

The beginning of a new legend

In 1981 Michael Jordan accepted a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina. As a freshman Jordan score the winning jump shot 1982 NCAA championship for the North Carolina against Georgetown Hoyas with the final score that was 63-62. And that was the first mark that a living legend left by MICHAEL JORDAN. Jordan then left the college of University of North Carolina after he played two more seasons with the Tar Heels in 1984. Then he went go play NBA basketball, Jordan was the third overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in the 1984 NBA draft.

Early Pro Years

Before Jordan got drafted to the Chicago Bulls they were a losing team, but that all change when Jordan starting playing because of his game.Jordan also was voted by the fans the all star starter by all the fans and then he got pick to play in the 1984 Olympics where he receive the rookie of the year. The jump man logo is owned by Nike to promote that's Jordan performing a dunk.

Jordan after the NBA

Michael Jordan when he retired from the NBA for good. He went to go play go play golf for a little bit with some of his friends that knew. Then Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets from the NBA because he really liked that team, they were the Charlotte bobcat until Jordan change their name to the Charlotte Hornets. So now he's the principal owner and chairman for them.

How did Jordan impact the NBA?

Jordan Impact the NBA because before he was drafted to the NBA not that much people liked the NBA and even the Chicago Bulls. But when Jordan got drafted he increase the love and popularity for the NBA and for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan also became a Idol to many people especially for little kids and even teens, giving them the reason to follow in his footsteps of not giving up on your dreams. Also watching Michael Jordan and seeing how really great he plays he was, the influences many teens and kids around the world to play basketball.