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Are You Gluten and Wheat Intolerant?

Wheat belly: Lose the wheat, lose the weight

Why does wheat make us fat and our brains not work?

For millions of Americans the realization they may be gluten or wheat intolerant could be as serious as if they had learned they had a devastating illness. The truth is, gluten and wheat can lead to much more serious health challenges than one may ever consider. Learn at this important seminar how gluten and wheat not only affect the size of your waist and how it can potentially cause inflammation of the brain. This is an important topic with great information to learn and apply.

Natural Alliance Wellness Seminar

Tuesday, Sep. 24th, 6-8:30pm

Lancaster Farm and Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster, PA 17603

All are welcome to this FREE and informative gathering.

The Truth About Wheat Belly

If you're wondering whether or not you are gluten or wheat intolerant, this seminar is for you. Learn how to evaluate how you feel after eating foods containing gluten and/or wheat to make a simple change in your diet to feel restored. Ella McElwee, ND, HmD, PhD, founder and president of Health By Choice (New Enterprise and Manheim locations) will share important information to take home and use immediately on this timely and important topic. To learn more about Ella McElwee, ND, and her work, visit

How Gluten and Wheat Affect the Brain

Learn how inflammation, one of the many side effects of gluten and wheat can create challenging symptoms in the brain. The depth of research that is now being completed on this timely topic will provide you with information to support your personal wellness journey. Dr. Pamela Howard, DC, Certified Thermographer, and Certified Cancer Support Educator will share her depth of knowledge on this important topic. To learn more about Dr. Pamela Howard and her work, visit

Meeting Details

6:00 pm -- 6:30 pm Shop with our vendors
6:30 pm -- 7:15 pm Ella McElwee, ND Health By Choice
7:15 pm -- 7:45 pm Shop with our vendors
7:45 pm -- 8:30 pm Pamela Howard, DC Advanced Thermal Imaging

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