Ms. Braswell's Community One Family

Think. Innovate. Create

We have hit the ground running this new year in room 118. The kids and I have been very busy. Take a look at what we have been up to and what is to come.

Project Work

You may have heard by now that Community One is creating a large "aquarium" in the front hall of the school by the chalk wall. Each family is responsible for a different aspect of the aquarium. This is our way of presenting to the school and the public our learning. Our class will be constructing the sharks that we have been learning about. Please start saving and sending in newspaper to help us with our project. Be sure to ask your learner about our aquarium and what each class will be contributing. It's going to be amazing! When it is all finished you will be invited to come and take a look at all our hard work.

Marvelous Mathematicians

Our learners are working on reading and creating graphs. We have focused on Bar Graphs and Pictographs. Ask your learner about these graphs and how they are different. As a class we have constructed many graphs together using class data. Your learner will be asked to create a question, collect the data, create a graph to represent the findings and then create questions for their peers to answer. Many learners have really become interested in creating graphs and have started doing this at our math center on their own!

How can you help at home? Encourage your learner to create a question and collect data from the family, neighbors and friends. Allow them to create a graph of their findings and then create questions like the following: Which one had the least? Most? How many more people voted for ______ than ______?

We have also been talking about measurement. Your learner has been able to use a nonstandard unit of measurement to see how tall their friends are or how long objects are around the room. A nonstandard unit of measurement is anything other than a typical measuring tool like a ruler. Examples of these are paperclips, cubes and chain links.

How can you help at home? Have your learner choose something to measure with then give them different objects to measure. Start asking questions to further their thinking about measurement such as "How many forks long do you think the table will be and why?" "Do you think it will take more forks or toothpicks to measure the table and why? Of course if your learner is interested in measuring with a ruler you can introduce that to them as well.

With our discussion on Measurement we have also been talking about how numbers can be greater than, less than or equal to. We took the measurements of our friends and compared them using the >,<, and = signs. Ask your learner a strategy of how they can make sure they are using these signs the correct way. (Hint: Alligator Mouth)

Snowflake Bentley

We enjoyed a wonderful book about Wilson Bentley and then created our very own snowflakes. Ask your learner who Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley is! (Hint: A special photographer)

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Winter Art

These Birch Trees sure are beautiful! Ask your learner about this art project. It was quite a process but how fantastic do they look?

Center Time: Thinking, Innovating, and Creating!

This is a crucial part of our day! We encourage our learners to be thinkers, creators and designers and this is the best time to see that come alive.

Mystery Reader

Please sign up to be a Mystery Reader on Friday afternoons. The kids look forward to this all week.

PRS Health and Wellness Equipment Drive

*Please make sure your learner wears tennis shoes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
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