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You get the opportunity to buy your very own Wells Fargo Stagecoach. It weights over two thousand pounds. It has three leather covered seats, and all the windows have leather curtains. There is lots of room for luggage on top of the coach and inside the coach.
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limited time offer for only $1,250

History of the stagecoach

The inventor of the stagecoach was John Darlwin. Wells Fargo’s sturdy Concord stagecoaches were crafted of the finest materials by the Abbot-Downing Company of Concord, New Hampshire. These coach makers were of the highest reputation. They provide speedy travel over vast territories. They go at a speed of 5 miles per hour and are pulled by 4 to 6 horses. In North Dakota there is a stagecoach crossing and a stagecoach lighthouse, used the same as ships use them.
Stagecoach Driving in the Dakotas