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April 2016

April 2016

Happy Spring? (Is is me or does Mother Nature seemed a little confused?)

We are ticking quickly closer to graduation. I know that many of you have senioritis but don't let this become a jeopardy for you towards graduation. More Scholarships are listed below, so don't forget to check them out.

Scheduled graduation project presentations are coming up quickly. Students scheduled for a presentation will receive a pass in homeroom to report to guidance to present. Students who do not show up on their assigned date will present on the day before graduation. Students who do not complete a graduation project will not receive a high school diploma. As a reminder, the graduation project includes 10 hours of service (turn in sheet of proof), a presentation and a three page paper with a minimum of three citations. Emails have recently been sent out to your school email showing your status as of 3/7/2016

May 1st is the universal national deadline to let Colleges and Universities know if you will be attending!

College Application Progress

FAFSA Completion

If you haven't done so, please make sure you check deadlines for financial aid forms. Remember you need to get a FSAID for both student and parent. This is your electronic signature.

Remember that it is now financial aid season. Pay attention to the deadlines for each of the colleges you have applied to as they vary from school to school. So far 50 FAFSA applications have been submitted by Lakeland students

Class of 2016 Application Statistics as of 4/5/2016

  • 75.7% of students have applied to college or trade school
  • 5% of students have firm plans to or have joined the military
  • 273 applications submitted
  • 95 reported college acceptances
  • 15.5% of students have reported that they intend to enter the workforce upon graduation

Application Results

Now that many of the college applications are done, the acceptances are starting to roll in. Please remember to bring a copy of your college acceptance letters in to the guidance office. If your notification was in an email or on an online college account, you could forward the email or screenshot the screen showing the acceptance. My email address is

We will not announce your college of attendance on class night if we do not have evidence of your acceptance. It is also helpful for us to collect this data as it will help us guide future applicants to each college. Even if you receive a denial letter, it is very helpful if you can provide that information to me. I won't share your individual information with anyone but would like to collect the data to better assist future students.

Scholarship Tips and Tricks

1. Scholarship applications commonly require information provided by the guidance office such as transcripts or recommendations. For this reason we will happily mail completed applications directly from the guidance office. Complete all student components of applications before dropping them off in the guidance office. We will add any required documents, fill out school/counselor portions and mail to the scholarship processing center. Please provide mailing address. Transcripts for scholarships can be requested through Naviance.
2. Beat the deadlines. Don't wait until the deadline to submit. Deadline are the final possible date to send out, it is very acceptable and recommended that you send earlier.
3. All of the below listed scholarships, as well as previously published scholarships can also be found on Naviance.
4. Information about additional scholarships will be sent out as they are received.
5. Don't forget to contact the financial aid office at the colleges/universities you hope to attend to find out about institutional scholarships.

Lakeland Curtain Club Scholarship

Deadline: April 29, 2016

Amount: $500 (2)

This year the Stage Parents Booster Club will be awarding two scholarships to eligible

seniors who have been participants in the Lakeland Curtain Club. Two students will

receive a $500.00 scholarship each.

In order to be eligible, you must be a member in good standing for at least two years

and have participated in this year’s production. The other year(s) may have been as a

cast or crew member from any other year from seventh through twelfth grade.

To qualify, you must submit an essay that is one to two pages in length and discuss:

“How participating in the Lakeland Curtain Club has affected my life.”

You may obtain a list of the criteria that will be used to grade the essay from the

Guidance Office. The essays will be graded by a party outside of the Lakeland school


NEPCA Scholarship

Deadline: May 13, 2016

The Northeastern Pennsylvania School Counselors Association has announced their annual scholarship. Scholarship applications should be turned in to the Lakeland Guidance Office. This is a one time nonrenewable scholarship. The application and scoring rubric is available here.

PROM 2016

Pennsylvania Land Surveyors' Foundation

Deadline: April 11, 2016

The Pennsylvania Land Suveyors' Foundation, Inc. is offering academic scholarships to student who are pursuing a bachelor's degree or associate degree in land surveying. The application can be found online at

Cinderella's Closet

om is just around the corner. Cinderella's Close of Northeaster Pennsylvania is an organization of community volunteers committed to fostering the self-esteem of young women and to provide them with an opportunity to discover an affordable dress through a positive boutique experience. Their spring event will be held on Thursday, April 14,2016 at Genetti Manor Banquet and Conference Center in Dickson City from 4pm-8pm