Jesuit Soft Skills

The Practical Value of Your Fordham Jesuit Education

Ignatian Week Program

Fancy Latin phrases aside, what's the practical value of your Fordham Jesuit education? As a student at a Jesuit university, you've joined the company of students who have benefited from an educational approach both innovative and timeless, one that has shaped young adults into responsible citizens for nearly 500 years and an impressive 175 years at Fordham.

Join a panel of young Fordham alumni for an engaging discussion moderated by Frank Loughran, FCRH '19, and Dean Parmach (also a Fordham alumnus). This program highlights the value of a Fordham Jesuit education in your personal and professional lives, prompts you to reflect on the "soft skills" you should be learning, and invites you to put them to work outside of the classroom.

Attendance at this program will fulfill either your Reflecting Program OR your Collaborating Program requirement. Please record attendance within 24 hours after you attend the program.

Soft Skills: The Practical Value of Your Fordham Jesuit Education

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 6:30-7:30pm

Study Commons, Loyola Hall

Light dinner will be served. Please contact Manresa Fellow Anja Asato ( with any questions.