Baseball Trip

Grant Mahon and Lance Dodson

Our baseball trip

Team: Kansas city royals.

Field name: Royal stadium.

Budget: 3,000$.

How far away is royal stadium: 8 hours and 12 minutes. Miles to the stadium: 495.5.

Rental Car: Toyota camry- 70 dollars a day, 210 dollars total.

Gas: $3.27 a gallon the car holds 29 gallons it is 555 miles to the stadium. We have to refill 4 times 2 there 2 back. It cost $100 to fill up it will turn out to cost $400 in total gas money.

Hotel: We will stay at comfort inn & suites downtown.

It cost $95 a night with a total cost of $285.

Tickets: Total cost is $90.00.

Food: We will be eating at the hotel which is included in the hotel cost.

Game snacks: We will get popcorn $8, Funnel Cake $4, Burger $8, Sweet tea $1, water $1 And a slush $3. Total cost: $25.

Souvenirs: 2 Royals shirts 40$, 2 Royals bobble heads 20$, 2 Royals Hats 25$ and 2 Royals Baseballs 10$.

Money left: $2,087, Money Spent: $

Famous Pitcher, Aaron Crow

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