The act of YOGA


Yogis started a few centuries ago, in BCE. It was first detailed yogi was found later in 1560. Yogis is called this because it is a type of yoga. Yogis sometimes wear paint or paint other objects to represent them. Yogis people don't do anything with the ordinary society. It is an excellent of Indian history, represented in Indian statuary. A emperor called Mughal Akbar reigned India in 1556-1605. Ancient paintings are valued in as historical documents.

Yogis Traditions

The Sanskrit work on and teach a method called hatha. Hatha is the greatest emphasis on physical practices. The technique, some of which were ascetic practice was more than a thousand years ago. They were later taught text. There are two yogis paradigms that have been found in the writing method of hatha. One yogis paradigms is the tapas-asceticism, which helps you control your mind, as well as perfect health and longevity. The second yogis paradigms is called tantric yoga, consists for the most part of meditations on a series of more subtle elements. Tantric yoga has its own writing method called kaula tantric text.
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