World War II Investigations

By: Jakob Davis

A. What year did Adolph Hitler become the leader of the National Socialist Nazi Party? In the year of 1921 Adolf Hitler became the leader of Nazi Germany.

(Hint - look in the 1920's)

B. Go to 1925. Click on Mein Kampf. What does Mein Kampf mean? (Third or fourth paragraph) The meaning of Mein Kampf is My War or my Battle.

C. What is an Aryan, according to Hitler?

(Around the fourth paragraph) An Aryan is a German person with Blonde hair and Blue eyes.

D. Look at the bottom of the article, when did this book become hugely popular? To answer this, you have to read the article, then go back to the timeline to find out when Hitler became Chancellor. Hitler's book was released in 1925. Also in 1933 Adolf became Chancellor and millions of copies were sold.

E. What year did the Nazis hold a book burning? List some authors whose works were destroyed. Most Authors included, Freud, Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jack London, and H.G Wells.

F. Scroll down to 1941. Look at December. What happened on Dec. 8 and Dec. 11? On December 8 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. December 11 included Hitler declaring War on the U.S.

G. Scroll to the very end. Click on the Statistics of World War II. Which country had the most fatalities? How many countries were involved with World War II? The Soviet UNion had the most fatalities during World War II. 25 countries were involved in World War II.

Book Burning

What strikes you or speaks to you the most about the book burnings? Write a paragraph about your thoughts and feelings

I believe that they should have never done this. Books are very important to humans because they teach us. Books have most likely helped the germans do many things… then they burn them. It is very wrong to do this because then there was no reason they should have published those copies. Those germans are mean and horrible people for doing this and killing all those Jews. Even though those students didn’t fight they were still Nazi’s for the crime they committed.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Look at the primary documents and explain the importance of these cities, and the significance of what you read when exploring the documents.

The military was looking for a urban area of Japan. The area had to be 3 miles in diameter. So they chose Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The explosion was destructive and blew everything away from impact. The cities were obliterated and were destroyed on impact.

6. Navajo code talkers.

Navajo Language

Who came up with the idea to use Navajo? Why? Why were the code talkers heroes?

The Navajo language was a secret language that AMericans used in World War II. They used this language to make sure no one could understand them. The really made America a vigorous country and we did our job. America destroyed their target Japan and came into war at the end of World War II. The people are heroes because they brung the language up and basically made it a use.


Buchenwald was a very large concentration camp within the old German borders. The camp was opened in 1937. Women were not captured to be put in the camp until 1944. Watch tower, men, and electrified barbed wire fence surrounded the area. Politicians and Jews were in the camp but there were more people. Gypsies and Jehovah witnesses were also trapped beyond the shocking area. Many people died at the horrible place but history stands and we will all remember them.


What was D-Day? Why was it called D-Day

D-day was a really sad day. Many people died fighting for their lives. D-Day was June 6, 1944. This was known as the biggest invasion (I personally don’t think it was). The D in D-day means nothing. The D is a military planning name. They could've used the whole alphabet but they picked D.

How America got involved

The Japanese ambassador Okinawa wanted to attack the U.S. He brung his idea to German leaders and they agreed. The Germans didn’t know how though. Soon the Japs obliterated Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Then Germany brought America into World War II. Soon we demolished the axis powers and they soon fell apart. Adolf Hitler killed himself and the Japs surrendered.


Adolf Hitler wanted to make Jews suffer. He did not like them and especially liked Aryans. Jews were Gods children and they traced Hitler family line to King Herod. He wanted to kill Jesus when he was a baby. These stories are similar because there are people fighting to kill a Jew or Jews. Hitler is paying the price somewhere right now and he will forever.