School Counseling Program at LIMS

We Are Here For All Students!

We Are Professional School Counselors!

Mrs. Lori Howell, 6th Grade & Down Furman School Counselor

Ms. Kimberly Brown, 7th Grade & Down Citadel School Counselor

We provide support for students' academic, career, and social/ emotional growth and development. Providing academic and career guidance are just several of the many ways we assist students.
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How we help strengthen academic achievement; School Counseling Is For Everyone!

  1. We come to your classes to conduct core counseling curriculum lessons.
  2. We coordinate and facilitate small groups for students with a common struggle, and who need extra support.
  3. We work with students individually in brief counseling sessions related to problems impeding school success. We are not a long-term therapist, however.
  4. We are available for consultation. Need ideas or resources? Just ask!
  5. We work with students proactively on individual student planning (Individual Graduation Plans for all 8th graders).
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Classroom Counseling Core Curriculum Lessons

Our standards based, common core aligned curriculum includes lessons in each grade focusing on:
  • goal setting
  • test taking tips, organization, study skills
  • bullying and empowerment
  • diversity, empathy, and respect
  • conflict resolution and anger management
  • college and career awareness and readiness
  • character building, soft-skills (professionalism and work ethic))
  • preventative programming
  • You tell us. Our goal is to be proactive and not reactive!

Small Group Counseling

4-8 students with a collective interest, meeting at least 5 weeks (some all year), led by school counselor or a community helper.

Examples of Groups:

  • All- Stars Group
  • Girl Power Group
  • Grief Group
  • Social Skills
  • Attendance, Behavior, Discipline

Groups will be offered based on the needs of the students at LIMS.

Individual Counseling

Requests for brief solution focused counseling:
  • Students request pass (Signed Agenda) to come see the School Counselor, Social Worker, or School Psychologist
  • Students will not be allowed to see a counselor without a signed agenda- this is done to ensure that teachers are aware that the student is in the counseling office
  • Students ask you to contact one of us
  • Please email or call to ensure that we have documentation of the request (stopping us in the hallway to tell us about a student is NOT the best way)

The following counseling services are provided for students at LIMS.

* means also possibly referred out to a community counseling agency


Conflict resolution/mediation



Family alcohol/drug abuse*

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Suicidal thoughts*


Issues at Home




Goal setting

Learning disabilities

Study skills/organization


Career interest and exploration


Individual Graduation Plans

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2014-2015 School Counseling Department Program Goals

  1. Increase the number of students passing all academic classes by the end of the 2014-15 school year by 7% therefore improving to the number of students passing all academic classes to 90%.
  2. Increase the total number of students scoring Met or above on PASS ELA to 69% by the end of the 2014-15 school year.
  3. Decrease the total number of discipline referrals by 10% by the end of the 2014-15 school year thus reducing the total number of discipline referrals from 969 to 873.
  4. Implement interventions targeted at reducing the total number of tardies to first period while collecting baseline data on total number of tardies to first period. Baseline data will be used to develop a specific goal to further reduce the total number of tardies to first period for the 2015-16 school year.


Who is defined as a mandated reporter?

  • School teachers, counselors, principals, assistant principals

  • Mandated reporters must report when, in their professional capacity, they have reason to believe that a child has been abused or neglected.
  • If the mandated reporter has reason to believe that a child is being abused or neglected by a parent, guardian or person responsible for a child’s welfare, reports must be made to the Department of Social Services (DSS) office or law enforcement agency in the county in which the child resides.
  • If the mandated reporter has reason to believe that a child is being abused or neglected by someone other than a parent, guardian or person responsible for a child’s welfare, reports must be made to a law enforcement agency in the county in which the child resides.
  • As with all reports of abuse or neglect, the identity of the reporter will remain confidential. A reporter acting in good faith (with reason to believe there is child endangerment) is immune from civil and criminal liability.

Making a report

Those who make a report in good faith are protected from civil and criminal liability under South Carolina law. “In good faith” means that the reporter has a genuine reason to believe that a child may have been abused or neglected. Proof is not required.


College Swag Wanted!

Help LIMS become College and Career Ready!

  • College in-class project for credit. Have students research your college or their favorite college, and answer questions about enrollment, majors offered, etc. Build a presentation, write a paper, make a poster. Connect it to your standards! (Please let us know and share any college and career themed assignments or work with us.)
  • Hang your pennant with pride! You could even decorate your door, or have students help you make your own college swag to hang in your classrooms, and the halls.
  • Put your degree up in your office or classroom. Tell the students about your college and your degree.

If you have the time, please contact your school's admissions office or alumni office to see if you can score a poster and/or any collegiate giveaways for our students. Thanks in advance!
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What is a School Social Worker?

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Unexcused Absences:

3-5-7 Day Rule:

· 3-4 days unexused- parent notification

· 5-7 days- attendance contract

· 7-9 days- TIP Referral

· 10 + days- Truancy Court Referral (Students must be at least 12 years of age)

Do not mark students absent when they are:

-On a field trip



-Attending an alternate location (Gateway)

Turn all parent notes into the front office as soon as you get them

-Forward all emails and voicemails from parents to excuse absences to Barbara Holmes

-Notify Barbara Holmes or myself of any parent contact regarding absences

-All extended planned absences (Deployment Leave, Cruises, Vacations, etc.) must be approved by Mrs. Dickson to be excused.

2014-2015 New Attendance and Tardy Plan Roll Out!


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  • Primarily meant for those who truly are in need (Not spills, stains, etc.)
  • If out of uniform, student is to call parent to bring a change of clothes
  • I will talk to your girls about being prepared for their monthly cycle if needed
  • Donations are accepted, especially in larger adult sizes for girls (pants and shirts) and boys (mostly shirts)
  • I can also get school supplies for those students that are in need.

Home Visits

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Home Visits:

-When parent contact is unsuccessful when being made by phone or email

-You suspect student has moved

-You suspect home environment is not meeting students need (no running water, no electricity, no food, unfit for living conditions)

-You need paperwork signed/delivered/returned after failed normal delivery attempts

-Times of emergency or crisis

Information and Resources

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· I can assist parents/families with outside resources available to them for their needs (medical, emotional, financial, food, clothing)

· If you know of any resources, please pass them onto me

· Assist parents with the education system and how to work with it to benefit their child and family

· Finding parents/making contact for teachers

Contact me by email, phone or come see me


Kathy Bingham

Parent & Military Liason

  • 1 Teachers, I can assist you in getting word out and help you “show off” projects that you are working on with the students.
  • 2. Volunteers MUST, MUST go into the website and register. Instructions are found at the BCSD Website under parents (all the way at the bottom). Site includes the application for a background check and the volunteer handbook.
  • 3. Food pantry will be available again this year. Hopefully we will be beginning this month.