Snow Treasure

By Marie McSwigan

Plot summary

This story is in Norway in 1940, it starts out with four Norwegian children Peter, Michael, Helga, and Lovisa are playing on their sleds after school. Later that night, peter is in bed and he here's several men talking downstairs. Peter goes down the steps to hear what they are saying. He heard that his father and his uncle need to smuggle 9 million dollars worth of gold past the nazis. The Nazis have not yet invaded Norway. So Peter's uncle Victor Nazis, who have not yet invaded Norway. Peter's uncle Victor says the answer to our problem can be solved with the kids.


The theme is "if there's a will there's a way". They had to have the
will and the guts to sled right past the nazis. If you are devoted in
what you are doing there's a way to reach your goal. In the end, they
got the gold to America and they reached there goal.

Pictures of what they did to hide the gold.

What happened

July 3, 1941 a boat came to America. The boat was holding $9,000,000 worth of gold. While moving the gold into a secured area the captain said we snuck it past the Nazis. They Nazis came to take the gold from Norway. Little did they know the gold went right past them. The towns kids carried a small amount of gold on their sleds. It took six weeks to get all the gold transferred to the boat.

Authors description

In the book the people hid the gold in a cave. They also hid it in the forest under the trees, so the planes could not see them. That was were a how they did that in real life. The gold was transported on a boat called the bomma. In the book they had a boat to transport it, but it was not the bomma. Some of the kids sled a couple feet from the nazis. In the book they were very close to the nazis also. In the book It was in the small town. The man that came off the boat didn't tell the people what town it was in. He just said they sled past nazis.


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