The Old Man and His Grandson

Literary Elements


There once was a old feeble man who could never eat at the table without spilling everywhere. He was living with his son and his wife and they couldn't tolerate him always spilling. So one day they made him take his bowl to the corner behind the stove and eat. The old man would just look at them with tears in his eyes. Still the old man could not meet their standards when he dropped the bowl and broke it then was scolded fiercely. Then one day his grandson started picking up pieces of wood off the ground and when his parents asked what he was doing and he replied saying that he was building a trough for them when they were older. After that the parents realized that what they had done was wrong and moved the old man back to the table and never complained when he spilt.


The theme of this story is that you need to treat others how you want to be treated no matter what is wrong with them or how frustrating they are. At first the two parents treated the grandfather terrible but when the little kids shows them that he is going to treat them the same way they see what they did wrong and change


The setting of the play takes place in an older house maybe in the early 1900's because they still use old time stoves, wooden bowls, and the kid talks about making a trough for their parents to eat out of which most kids in modern times don't know what it is.