Ariticles Of Confederation

Advanatges & Disavantages


They were many great and wonderful things about the Articles. One advantage to some people might be that it declared war and made peace. Also made it possible to detail with foreign countries and sign treaties and which was a freedom of movement. I consider it a huge advantage when it provided protection against cruel and unlawful ruling of American colonies by the Britain government. The document also built a bridge to connect the individual states by empowering league of friendship among them, which was a huge advantage to many people during this time.


Even though there were many great advantages about the Article of Confederation, there were also some disadvantages...The central government that was established left with insufficient power. That is why it was a weak government that could not efficiently run the nation. They were also unable to to operate the collection of taxes, which put them into major debt. With not being able to tax citizens was mainly because the confederation was not empowered with enforcement of those request as they were ignored. A smaller disadvantage to some might have been that each state only got one vote no matter the size which was unfair to many. Another disadvantage was that there was no national army or navy.