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April 23, 2018

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Dear Brooklyn Collaborative Families,

Amazing. Electrifying. Awesome. Incredible. Impressive. Inspiring. Joyful celebration. Lit.

Days later, BCS is still buzzing about last Friday evening’s Showtime @ BCS Talent Showcase and already talking about next year’s event.

Staff, students, and families packed the auditorium and cheered on our courageous and talented student performers of singers, rappers, poets, dancers, acrobats/gymnasts, launchpad techo master, and a deejay. The collective positive energy in the auditorium was beautifully captured by a parent who described the space as “humming” with “joy, love, and bravery”.

Our BCS community support broadened the smiles of our performers, brought tears of joys to their eyes, gave them the courage to persist when battling their nerves, and filled them with pride. They individually and collectively shared with us how happy they were to have their friends, family, and staff come to see them. For this they were thankful.

It took a village to produce Showtime @ BCS Talent Showcase.

A super huge shout out to Asha for anchoring this event and being a reassuring and constant presence for the performers. Because Asha showed up consistently, our performers showed up to rehearsals focused and committed. Asha modeled for them what persistence looks like. Her tireless and unwavering commitment to our students and to this event were inspiring.

A round of thanks and high fives to our after school team--Janet, Obie, Jannie, & Kia--for their ongoing collaboration and energetic dedication to creating opportunities for young people to express themselves.

Shout outs of appreciation to Christine and Kori for their collaboration, expertise, and making themselves and available to support students.

Our deep and heartfelt gratitude to Jennifer, parent of 8th grader Johnny, and Veronica, parent of 6th grader Tristian for the multiple ways that they generously give their time and talent. Jennifer's passion, warmth, and motivation brought positivity to help execute an amazing production. Veronica's keen eye for capturing these unforgettable and priceless moments in photos will forever have endless memories in our hearts.

Special thanks to Ed & Danny for being our "tech gurus" and for being the glue to creating a student-centered production. Your steady presence, quick thinking, and problem solving abilities in the moment kept the show moving as seamlessly as possible.

To all, thank you for demonstrating the power of arts to enrich the lives of our young people.

In partnership,

Scill, Amanda, Imani (BCS School Leaders)

Tracey (BCS Parent Coordinator)

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