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Career Details

Duties and responsibilities of a mechanic is mainly to not make the problem of a car worse. This means if it already has something wrong with it then fix it efficiently to not , make the problem worse. The job of a mechanic should really be to be constant in your work and be sure it is solved. Small things like oil changes, brakes, and topping of fluids can have a big impact if not done correctly every time. Just picture if any ones brakes fail it can cause a really big accident.

The average hours a mechanic works is a full time schedule some from 7 or 8 a.m. to most 6 p.m. some other ones works until 2 p.m. but most work long hours up to 10 or eleven. Also some work on weekends.

The working locations of a mechanic don't really change. A mechanic stays in his shop and lanes of the shop he is covering inside the shop. Most shops have minimum 2 lanes that have lifts and other ones that have as many as 6 to 8 with lifts. lifts are used to lift up cars and it varies the type of job a mechanic might do. Some lifts are for heavy duty trucks and are sometimes for a certain type of mechanic that specializes on them.

The salary of a mechanic is $17.21 per hour that adds up to $35,790 a year. Promotions are added when a mechanic has been working there after a long time. some companies do it in every 3 months and evaluate the work you have been doing and if you even deserve a promotion.

Education Needed

High school Diploma

Skills Required

Knowing how to Fix certain things of a car depending what lane you are working in and are assigned.


Can run own shop after having the experience on how to handle it.

Advancement Opportunities

Run own shop and work in other different types of mechanics. This includes Auto Parts Stores Etc.