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A Learner's Quick Reference Guide

Attending synchronous chat sessions can enhance your online experience as well as contribute to your overall success in the online course. However, unknown environments can be daunting and overwhelming. To help you feel confident about your experience in the chat sessions, this guide will provide you with some directions for what to expect as well as some overall expectations while attending. If you have specific questions after reviewing the content below, please communicate those with your instructor.

What does the environment look like?

How do I communicate in the sessions?

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What type of student benefits from synchronous sessions?

Because there are so many different ways to communicate, students who love speaking in front of groups as well as students who would rather sit back & watch both have a place in this setting. Instructors are happy for participation, and they welcome participation through different avenues. If you prefer not having your questions or comments seen by your classmates, you can send a private chat to your instructor. If you enjoy learning through hands on participation, you can write on the whiteboard or guide discussions speaking through a microphone.

Much of the content within the course is provided through reading information. The sessions allow you to hear the information or see the information presented in a different way. If you have specific questions, this is definitely a place to come to make sure you get the answers you need.
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Make Plans to Attend!

If you have any questions about the chat sessions, please communicate those concerns to your instructor. These sessions are planned with you in mind! If you have specific topics or portions of assignments you need help with, email your instructor prior to the chat session so they can be sure to include that help in the session.

Mark your calendar to attend on the dates determined for the chat sessions. If you cannot attend the sessions live, then you should listen to the chat recordings by clicking on the specific chat recording link found under the UserLinks Widget on the Course Homepage. Who knows, you might even get additional extra learning opportunities (bonus) for attending!!