By Luca Caioli


Lionel Messi he is a soccer player that plays for Argentina and FC Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also a soccer player he plays for Portugal And Real Madrid.

Neymar Jr is a soccer player to he plays for Brazil and FC Barcelona.


This story takes place in Argentina with Lionel Messi's childhood.

Then it takes place in Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo's childhood.

Then it also takes place in Brazil with Neymar's childhood.


When Messi was young he had GHD it makes him be smaller then the averege age.

Ronaldo also had problems his family faced lots of challenges in 2005 since his dad drank to much he passed away.

Neymar also had challenges his family was poor and lived in a poor place.


Messi,Ronaldo and Neymar all have challenges they face before playing soccer.One of them is they have lots of rivals they are trying to be better at scoring and more nutmegs.What these three players have is talent. They can nutmeg,cross,shoot,they also can do good assists.These soccer players might be even capable of scoring a goal from half field.

Internal And External

This book was internal and external.The reason it internal is because the characters have lots of pressure.It's also external because they want to have lots of fans and people that admire who they are.
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I chose this image because its of MESSI celebrating after scoring a goal vs ROMA

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I chose this image because its of RONALDO scoring a goal against FC BARCELONA

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I chose this image because its Neymar celebrating with Andres Iniesta after scoring vs ROMA