The Southeastern Region

Kamree Davis

What is the Southeastern Region?

The Southeastern Region is a Region with the states of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and West Virginia. The climate in the Southeastern Region is mostly warm and wet. It is located west of the Atlantic Ocean and North of the Gulf of Mexico.
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Some attractions in the Southeastern Region

An attraction in the Southeastern Region is Disney World. Disney World is located in Florida. One other attraction in the Southeastern region is the Hangout. Hangout is located in Alabama. Hangout is filled with lots of fun and excitement. Here's another attraction in the Southeastern region. It is Blue Green. Blue green is a company that provides hotels with excitement. They are located all around the world. At Blue Green hotels they provide free food, amazing pools, and lots of attractions. The Southeastern region is great for family vacations because it is surrounded with beaches and fun. Something fun to do in the Southeastern region is go boating and jets king. It is great because is is located near a beach. Plus boating and jetsking is a lot of fun.

I think my region is better

I think my region is better than the other regions because it is very pretty, it has lots of beaches, lots of coasts, and it is very warm.