RILINK Schools LibGuides Newsletter

Winter 2022

RILINK Schools Policy Update

Please read carefully the changes to the RILINK Schools Policy and submit the Acknowledgment Form by March 1. Several factors necessitate these changes. A recent review of content in the site revealed
  • 84 Unpublished Guides not updated in 3 or more years
  • 77 Private Guides not updated in 3 or more years
  • 122 Published Guides not updated in last year

Additionally, Link Checker indicates over 6000 possibly broken links are present in the site. The changes in the policy will help to ensure only accurate information is being offered on the sites.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon.

RILINK Schools CMS Users Guide

A searchable resource for building and updating your library sites

Professional Learning Sessions for LibGuides CMS or LibWizard

LibGuides CMS Tips at the March 17 Zoomulia is the only RILINK-planned session. Sessions have been driven by user request as needs vary greatly. Please contact Sharon or fill out the Request Professional Learning Session form to request customized sessions.
LibGuides Community provides a way for all LibGuides users to see how their colleagues around the world are using the platform. Guides can be searched or just check out the Springy picks also highlights Check out these examples.

Looking for inspiration closer to home? Check out the RILINK Schools homepage of Published guides. Sort by Guides| Most Visits to see which ones have the most views. These are the top five as of February 7. Click on the information icon to see the number of views since January 1, 2022.

Have you found a site you like? Share it with Sharon.

Tips: Box Types, Navigation Options, and Customized Color

The "how-to's" for all of these can be found on the RILINK Schools CMS Users Guide.