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Sarah G. Bagley and her association takes a stand

Who is Sarah G. Bagley?

Sarah G. Bagley is the founder of the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association. She is an independent women who wants to publicize the hardships of mill workers. Bagley's association's main goals are to get safer work conditions and issue 10-hour workdays. She has started a revolution! Men and women all over Massachusetts and, basically New England, are taking a stand to demand better conditions. Bagley says, "Whenever I raise the point that it is immoral to shut us in a close room for twelve hours a day in the most monotonous and tedious of employment i am told we have come to the mill voluntarily and can leave when we will. Voluntarily! ...the whip that brings us to Lowell is necessity. We must have money."

With Bagley's strong revolt and fierce character, union workers continue to fight work reforms all over our vast country. Will they be successful?

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----------------------Pictured above is women advocate Sarah G. Bagley.-------------------------

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