The Midwest Regoin

By Katherine

Things the Midwest is known for

The Midwest is known for in Michigan they have the Five great lakes.Also in Minnesota

is known for it's 22,000 lakes.Plus the entire Midwest is formed by huge glaciers that once covred the Midwest.Long ago there once lived a poineer family that traveled all

over the Midwest.They mostly lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin and their last name was Ingalls then one of their daughters married to a Wilder.Her name was Laura and her daughter and her were famous writers.In Wisconsin it's kind of known for all it's dairy farms witch makes it easy to find cow farms really anyware you go.

Animals in the Midwest

there are thousand of difrent animals in the Midwest.There are lots of bunnies and deer in the Midwest.They are also lots of corn farms and soy bean farms.Lots of people like to raise cow and horses or pigs and hogs.The wild animals in Midwest are

ciotyies and thing in the dog family also things that are little like mice and bunnies.There are other things like pretty birds and game birds also stuff like cranes and great blue herons.In Michigan they is a whole feild of cranes around Douglas and Fenville.

Farming in the Midwest

There are lots of farms in the Midwest like corn and wheat and soy beans those crops are the cash crops and that why there are lots of farming like that in the Midwest.There are also difrent farms like cows . Wisconsin and Michagan raise farms to get thier milk.

First Midwesterns

Long ago the first people that lived in the Midwest where called Mound builders.They where called mound builders because they built big hills.The mound builders traded, farmed and built cities.At one point the largest Mississippian cities had about 20,000 people in it.The mound builder's cultures disappeared around the 1300.One of the cultures is the Ojibwa also called the Chippewa.The Ojibwa lived in the present day.Some of the things they did where hunting fishing and sometimes farmed in the forest and water.