a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance such as seizures

epilepsy and it's causes

  • low oxygen during birth
  • head injuries that occur during birth
  • brain tumors.

what epilepsy does to the body

the tendency to have seizures sometimes more than once a day

epilepsy infectious or noninfectious

epilepsy is noninfectious because you contract the disease at birth of from other ways that are noninfectious

how to treat epilepsy

there are many medications that treat or help deal with epilepsy and many cases have shown that the chemical THC in marijuana help to almost stop seizures caused by epilepsy

public figure for epilepsy

there is no particular public figure for epilepsy but there are many organizations to help research and treat epilepsy

epilepsy and research

the current research is to help narrow down what exactly causes this disease and how to prevent it