Carl Linnaeus

His contributions to science

Who is your scientist?

My scientist is Carl Nilsson Linnaeus.

What year were they born and what year did they die.

He was born on May 23, 1707 and died January 10, 1778.

What is some background information about Carl Linnaeus?

Carl was given the middle name Nilsson after his father to keep the tradition going in his family. He went to college at Uppsala University where he became a botany lecturer. He traveled alot for his studies to study and classify many types of plants, animals, and minerals. He eventually returned to Sweden and got a job as a physican. He married Sara Elisabeth Moraea and had six children.

What are they famous for? What did they accomplish to help us?

He created the biological classification of organisms to help put organisms in catergories.

What are three interesting facts about this scientist.

He became a botanist at the age of twenty-seven. He became one of the most famous scientist of Europe. He was rewarded for his contributions to science by the King of Sweden.