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Are you a victim to black death? 14/8/1348

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The Black Death hit an already weakened Europe, where population had outgrown the food supply. After the Medieval Warm Period (late 12th century) the drop in average temperatures had reduced the harvests.

what is a black death?

Black death is an infection that you get from the black rats that are poisons and if you have a black death some buboes will start to appear under your armpit.
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Are you a vicim to the black death?

these are some of the cure we have tried to cure ourself from geting black death.
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the docter

the doctors in the middle ages had no idea what was going on about the black death they didn't know how to stop it.
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"Doctors need three qualifications: to be able to lie and not get caught; to pretend to be honest; and to cause death without guilt.”

the bad air

some of the people thought it was causing because of the bad air and what they did was they carried sweet smelling herbs around them to prevent them from getting it .

poisoning the well

some of them even thought that Jews poisoned the wells to kill them.Also they burn them alive