A Note From The Principal's Office

December 2, 2021

Notes From John Gordon's Lead Positive Conference

While I was home before Thanksgiving I had the chance to tune in to pieces of John Gordon's Lead Positive Conference. It was a virtual conference with each speaker getting approximately fifteen minutes to share their thoughts on a wide variety of topics. If you are interested, you can read about it here. I wanted to share a couple of insightful ideas!

By the way, click on the image for a larger version.

* "It's not discipline, it's devotion."

Personally, I have been caught up on the idea of a "discipline." Having the "discipline" to do one thing or another. John Gordon said that discipline alone is something you rely on when it is something you need to do, but don't particularly want to. Devotion is what you use when you are trying to be great at whatever you are doing, which means you love it, or at least really, really like it.

He used the example of the opera singer Pavarotti who was so devoted to singing that the discipline to do it came naturally. Practicing and performing using his gift of singing was something he was devoted to. What are you devoted to? What do you do out of discipline alone?

* "It's never the circumstance(s), it's always the state of mind."

If you approach even the most negative of circumstances with a positive state of mind you can get to great outcomes. This is being "solution-minded." It allows you to attack a problem instead of getting stuck on undesirable, negative details.

Your devotion may assist you in finding a solution or moving beyond the circumstances.

Your discipline may assist you in meeting whatever it is, head-on.

Maybe you have been dealing with a student who is surrounded by negative circumstances. What is your approach? What solutions are available? Who can be an asset?

Maybe you feel you are surrounded by them at work or at home.

When we focus on the circumstance(s), our mindset can shift one way or the other. If you focus on the circumstance(s) paired with identifying possible solutions you can get great outcomes!