Hardware and Software

By Charlotte Martin


This is the physical parts of the computer that you could touch. This could be the keyboard or the technical parts inside the computer such as the memory card.

Examples of hardware:

  • A barcode is also a piece of hardware. They are used in shops and they show up data when they are scanned, that is stored in the computers beforehand.
  • The mouse that is plugged into a computer. A mouse on a laptop could also be a pad, that isn't separate from the computer, but is sometimes harder to control.
  • The keyboard. This can also be a touch screen on mobile devices such as phones and tablets so you don't have to carry around a keyboard as well as the device.
  • A USB stick. This is a way to save your work and then transfer it onto a different device to maybe present work at school that you have completed at home.
  • Speakers. Speakers are used to listen to music out loud and can be separate to a device, or inside the device. Even though speakers outside the device are separate, they tend to be better quality or louder.


This is a code that is put in the computer. it could be a program such as Microsoft or a game. The operating system in a computer is a piece of software and it controls the computer. A piece of software could also control a printer or any electrical devise.

Examples of software:

  • Microsoft is a large company and have designed many apps and programs for devices.
  • Any games on your phone such as pac man are software and are used for entertainment.
  • Photo editor used to change and edit photos.
  • Word processor helps you to colour and add sizes to text.

Input and output devices

Input devices

These are devices that give information and the information that computers receive.

Examples of input devices:

  • The keyboard. You type into the keyboard and this gives the information to the computer.
  • A Skype camera that videos you and sends information to the person's computer that you are Skyping.
  • The mouse gives information to the computer about where you want to click on the computer.

Output devices

This is the data that the computer sends out.

Examples of output devices:

  • Speakers get the information of what to play from the device you are using and make the sound you get clearer and louder.
  • Sending a message, however it changes to be input when the next device receives it.
  • A printer is output because the computer sends information to it so it will print out the picture or words you tell it to.
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