President Kennedy

Furnish 2: Lilian Kao


Election of 1960:

John F. Kennedy

  • Democratic Party
  • Running Mate: Lyndon B. Jonson
  • Won with 49.7% popular vote
  • Promised to "get America moving again"
  • New Frontier: JFK's campaign to revitalize the economy and reform legslations in education, health, and civil rights

Richard Nixon

  • Republican Party
  • Running Mate: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
  • Lost with 49.6% popular vote
  • Promised to continue peace from Eisenhower

Key Events

Cold War

  • Laos became more red... Civil War
  • Geneva Conference: 1962 peace in Laos
  • Along with Defense Sec. McNamara: designs and promotes "flexible response." Many different military options to choose depending on situation
  • JFK increased spending on military... Special Forces (Green Berets): elite anti guerrilla, trained to survive on snake meat
  • 1961 JFK ordered increase in forces (military advisers) in S.Vietnam... successful coup against Diem in 1963
  • 1961 Kennedy Marshall Plan for L. America to help close gap b/w rich and poor (little impact)
  • 1961: 12000 exiles on Bay of Pigs, Cuba. Ended up pushing Cuba more communist
  • October 1962: JFK orders Cuba be quarantined
  • Khrushchev agrees to pull missiles out of Cuba and in return America would remove quarantine
  • Soviets construct Berlin Wall to separate W. and E. Berlin
  • 1962: JFK in Berlin. Protect and support Berliners

Civil Rights

  • Originally campaigned w appeal to blacks
  • Pledged to eliminate racial discrimination
  • Put off action for racial rights bc he was trying to pass medical and educational bills
  • Freedom Riders aimed to end segregation
  • Decent relationship with MLK Jr.
  • SNCC
  • James Meredith: attempted to enroll at U. of Mississippi. JFK forced to send troops to enroll him.
  • 1963: MLK Jr. campaigned against discrimination in Birmingham
  • June 1963: JFK televises a speech about the "moral issue" of racial discrimination
  • MLK Jr. "I have a dream"


  • Shot in Dallas
  • Nov. 22, 1963
  • Lee Harvey Oswald (shot by Jack Ruby)