An Interview with Coach McQuary

Landon Miller

Coach McQuary's Educational Career

Coach McQuary graduated from Texas Lutheran University. He majored in Physical Education and minored in Biology. Through the years he received his bachelors degree. Coach McQuary teaches biology here at THS and he has been teaching for 27 years.

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Coach McQuarys Details of Teaching

Coach McQuary teaches 9th Grade. He puts in about 50-60 hours per week not including his coaching hours. He believes it takes a ton of self motivation to be a teacher. The biggest challenge for him is staying on target with the requirements set forth by the district. However the biggest reward for him is having the oppurtunity to see students achieve and succeed. He's been teaching Biology for over 20 years. And his classroom is a very inviting environment.


Coach McQuary is the Rock

Cool by Landon Miller

Biology is cool it makes me look like a fool. I thought I was cool until i fell of the stool. I jumped in the pool and said wow that feels cool. But oh wait i think I see a tool.
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Coach McQuary's classroom uses a lot of technology. Whether it'd be the smartboard or the smart response clickers to take a test.

Three words that describe Coach McQuary

1. Caring - Takes time to get to know his students on a personal level.

2. Enthusiastic - He always brings the energy to the classroom no matter what period.

3. Knowledgeable - Coach knows his stuff when it comes to biology. His kids learn something new everyday.