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If you have signed up for any of the Katie Novak trainings, we encourage you to complete them if possible by the end of the school year. You officially have until January of 2022.

June 11, 2021

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Dear Staff,

I read a lot of powerful things from educators daily. This one really hit me in my "Teacher Heart".

Great teachers are inherently great people.

They have big hearts and they care so much for their students.

They really, really care.

You can see it in everything they do in school.

Dr. Andy Jacks

As this year comes to an end the need for you to do great things has never been more important. The greatest of them is letting each student know they belong and are enough.




Two things to remember in Life:

Take care of your thoughts

when you are alone, and take care of your words when you

are with others.

The ability to make a child "feel seen and heard" is a super power anyone can have, but teachers are the best at it.


Jonathan Alsheimer

Big picture
Big picture

University of Washington / College of Education

Summer Professional & Community Learning

Haring Center Elementary Inclusion Institute: Reopening Inclusive and Equitable Schools
3-day institute | June 22-24 | clock hours available
Dive into practices for creating inclusive and equitable communities as we look towards reopening schools for all learners in the fall.

Family Leadership Design Collaborative Codesigning Educational Justice Institute

2-day institute | June 30th & July 1st | clock hours available
Teams of systems-based educational leaders and family and community leaders and will take up solidarity-driven codesign as a collective practice to reimagine education in this two-day experience.

Formative Assessment in Elementary Mathematics: Interviewing Children About Their Mathematical Thinking

3 online sessions | August 3, 10, & 17 | 9 clock hours included
After a tumultuous school year, teachers might be wondering what mathematical knowledge and experiences their students will bring in fall. This three-session course offers practical guidance for teachers seeking to take an asset-based approach to formative assessment.
PreK-1 cohort >>
Grades 2-5 cohort >>

Every Teacher Can Lead: Finding Your Niche as a Strengths-Based Teacher Leader
3 online sessions | August 16, 17, & 18 | 9 clock hours included
All teachers are capable of impacting student growth and systemic change, both within and beyond their own classroom. Explore the various ways you can bring your passion, knowledge, and equity-focused orientation to a variety of teacher leadership roles.

Media Literacy: Integrating 21st Century Life Skills Across the Curriculum
Weekly sessions | June 23 - August 18 | 10 clock hours included
Teaching students to apply critical thinking skills to the media they consume and produce must be considered an essential part of a 21st century education. Learn strategies for incorporating media literacy into every subject and discipline in K-12 classrooms.

Click below for Climate Change Teacher Workshop

Travis Rush Technology Education Lead

June 11th

Well it has been a long year, with many lessons and systems we can take away and use for the future.

I will not burden you with a tech tool, a tech education article or other education related material. I encourage you to UNPLUG for the summer, avoid phones, computers and screens. I hope you have time for outdoor activities, a vacation or at least a vacation from school!

I am excited for the next school year and will be working this summer to finish building the tools necessary for district initiatives and a positive exciting start to the 21-22 school year for our students and staff.

Enjoy and take time for your family, friends and yourself.

Please enjoy the video below of packing for a trip!

If you are inclined, share what you are planning for the summer in the Google Form below. It's always nice to connect with others and share adventures.

If you click on “View Previous Response” you can see responses…. Don't worry they are anonymous!

Travis Rush


Please Enjoy this video of packing for a trip!

Mom vs Dad: Vacation Prep

Additional Tools and Tidbits of Information

Product News

New EDU in 90 Episodes

Whether you're in the middle of the school year or headed toward the end of it, check out EDU in 90 for an easy way to catch up on Google for Education news. Recent episodes explore updates across Google Meet, Chromebooks, and more.

New Google Classroom integration with Wakelet

Interested in saving, organizing, and sharing content from across the web with your class? You can now import student accounts from Google Classroom directly to Wakelet.

(EXAMPLE) Google Classroom Tools

Extra Credit

Google for Education Services Offer

Considering investing in Google Workspace for Education Plus or Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrades? For a limited time, US or Canada-based educational institutions are eligible to receive free educator training, deployment, or analytics services with their purchase.

New Google x Headspace Wellbeing Exercises for Families

Explore wellbeing and mindfulness activities for kids and families for National Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond with Headspace Breathers. Learn to help balance emotions, screen time, find focus, and more.

Arts & Culture: UNESCO and World Heritage Day

Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites and discover more about our shared heritage, no matter where you live. There are four sections; Cities, Holy Sites, Nature and Historic Sites, covering more than 50 stories, with images, 3D ttps:// models, and virtual tours.

Arts & Culture: Eat Your Way Across Russia

Travel around Russia with this feast for the eyes. Learn about different regions and the history of the dishes they enjoy. Visit restaurants, meet chefs, take part in fun quizzes, watch videos and stories, and try some recipes for yourself.

New Science Lessons from Applied Digital Skills

Science teachers - this one's for you! Applied Digital Skills has launched a new subject-specific collection to teach your students Science concepts like models, investigations, and diagrams, all while building technology skills.