Sabel John, Daniel Govea, Simon Mai

Prohibition Time Frame

Monday, Dec. 4th 1933 at 12am to Tuesday, Dec. 5th 1933 at 12am

United States

Prohibition in the U.S was a constitutional ban of products.

social problems

riot broke out in portland in 1855

Many people did not follow the law

"sting" operations were in use

Leader of movement

Leader- James Cannon Jr.

he was a Virginia political boss and methodist episcopal church

Goal of the Movement

the goal was to reduce crime and corruption, reduce the tax on the people, and improve the health and hygiene of america.


The goal of the country being "dry" did go as plan and it is still an important law that remains today.

The law effected Texas by causing the people to protest and riot


"the economic prerequisites for the socialist revolution are fully matured in the US. The Political Premises are likewise far more advanced than they might appear on the surface."

James P. Cannon