Francis Drake

By Jayden Aune

#Madeitaroundtheworld #first

Where and when he was born

Tavistock, Devon, United Kingdom

Born in July 13, 1540

Who they sailed for and routes taken

Sailed for England in 1577, sailed around the world going around South America and sailing across the pacific. sailed for 3 years 1577 - 1580

Characteristics of Francis Drake

the queen rewarded him with a knighthood. The most famous mariner of the Elizabethan Age.

Outcome of Francis Drakes Circumnavigation

on October 16, Drake sighted land in the Philippines, and on Nov. 3 arrived at Ternate in the East Indies. Here he made a trade treaty with the Sultan, and bought a cargo of cloves. On January 9, 1580, the Golden Hind struck a reef, but fortunately was able to slip off the next day, and to sail onward, first to Java, then across the Indian Ocean, around the Cape of Good Hope, and back to Plymouth (Sept. 26, 1580). In order not to antagonize King Philip, there was no public celebration of Drake's return.