start of Buddha

This started cause of a man named Buddha. It was founded in 520 BCE. At first it was mainly northeastern India in the beginning. Buddha was actually a Indian prince! they believe in basically everything has a start and end and it all happens for a reason. simple thing do not kill, steal, lie, misuse sex, intake drugs or alcohol cause it clouds the mind. There are four noble truths in the religion Dukkha: All of life is marked by suffering, Samudaya: Suffering is caused by desire and attachment , Nirodha: Suffering can be eliminated , and Magga: Suffering is eliminated by following the Noble Eight fold Path. the scripture the use is called Tripitaka its numerous Mahayana sutras. the lotus is an important symbol in Buddhism. their ultimate reality is nothing is permanent. they say there is no self or soul human existence is nothing more than a combination of five impermanent components. the belief for their afterlife is heaven. 1.2 million people in the United States follow this religion. approximately 376,000,000 people in the world follow this religion.

other info

Where Buddhism is mainly practiced now is china, japan, Korea, and southeast Asia. their original language was pali. this religion would usually be practiced in a temple or meditation hall. the person or people who would be leaders are monks. three training's the do include moral discipline, concentration, and wisdom.
How To Practice Buddhism in Daily Life (WOB#3)