Tech Tuesdays

PALCS Playground, Digi Days and Appy Hours

What are Tech Tuesdays?

Every Tuesday the Tech Resource Team will be holding one of the following events: PALCS PlAYGROUND, DIGI DAY or an APPY HOUR. More information will be posted or emailed out before each session!

PALCS Playground

To begin the month, we will be opening up a Zoom Room to host a discussion/forum about ideas and resources you want us to cover during Digi Days and Appy Hours! It is a place to share ideas, get feedback, and solve problems!

  • Running Notes from Previous Digi Days
  • If you cannot attend the playground and have something you would like to focus on for a Digi Day or if you have an Edtech concern, please fill-out this form

Digi Days

We will be continuing our Digi Days from last year. They will be held twice a month. We will use the information we collect from the Playground to pick topics for our Digi Days!

Appy Hours

Once a month, we will have an Appy Hour. We will showcase a few apps and occasionally there will have a theme for our Appy Hours!

Resources and Materials from our Tech Tuesdays will be posted below

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