Trees that Live in Texas.

Live oak

The live oak grows to be over 40 Ft. tall! It grows in the warm Texas climate for over 250 years. The live oak's leaves are oval shaped green leaves with short stems. It keeps these through winter ( this is were it gets its name). In fall this tree drops acorns into the ground, or direct sowing. This is how it makes more trees. It is fairly simple to grow this tree, which is why it is the most common tree in Texas, because you just have to plant it then water it a few times a day, and put wood chips around it so that it will hold water.There are several organisms that are dependant on this tree, for example it creates a home for squirells and provides them with food and shelter. It also produces oxygen for humans to breathe. There are hardly any limiting factors for this tree for it has adapted to the warm dry climate of Texas.Scales are a common parasite that destroy live oak trees by penetrating the bark and eating the sap from the tree. This causes the oaks leave to turn yellow and fall of the tree. Some possible adaptations for the live oak is getting either harder or thicker bark so that the scales and worms cannot penetrate the tree. A short term effect the live oak can have on TMS is that it improves the asthetics of the school and produces cleaner oxygen for us. A long term effet would be that it attracts more animals to Tms.

Red Cedar Tree

The Red Cedar grows up to 40 Ft. tall and lives for 100+ years. It grows in the Northwestern America. The trees leaves are scaly green and short with gains showing.To reproduce, the tree grows flowers that give away berries that need to be planted and watered and provided sunlight. For the tree to grow you would need to put wood chips around the seed to catch water and make the wood chips into a pile with a wide hole in the middle for the seed to go. The tree would need lots of water and sunlight. Also you would need to make sure no animals tear it down. Birds and Mammals depend on this tree. Examples of Mammals would be rabbits, squirrels, and foxes. The tree provides oxygen and provides edible berries for animals to eat.