Save a Animals and Give them a Home

By: Devan

What is Happening

Everyday a animal is being abused, harmed and injured. And almost everyday a animal die's. And you can stop that by picking up the phone and calling to adopt a sick and homeless animal and when you adopt them they won't be sick anymore. All they need is just and little love and happiness. You don't even have to adopt just pick up the phone and donate. By doing this you are saving so many lives and so many people. Just think about it.
Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty Video

Way's to Help

Help Help Help

Way's to help are going to a local animal adoption service near you. Call the number right on your screen now and just donate. Also you can find them give them a home and just love them as long as you live. Do the Dog and cats walk to raise money. Maybe join the foundation. Just Remember a little can go a long way.