“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”

Being a photographer!!

Job description

A photographer uses images to tell a story or record an event. He or she photographs people, places, events and objects. Many photographers specialize in portrait, commercial or scientific photography or photojournalism

Educational Requirements

While entry-level photojournalists and commercial and scientific photographers usually need a college degree in photography or a field related to the industry in which they want to work, entry-level freelance and portrait photographers need only technical proficiency.

how will you pay for your education

  • Parents might pay for you
  • Part time job
  • Scholarships

specific skills for the job

  • Setting up or taking down lighting, backgrounds, props and other equipment
  • Capturing images
  • Processing images
  • Creating final print images or digital files

Type of Income

  • Salary for a typical Photographer in the United States is $47,442 a year.
  • An entry level salary is only about 15000 dollars and about 25,000 every two months
  • A fashion mag photographer will make $250,000.00 per photo shoot
  • Fees for a photographer is $100/hour

Approximate income, Potential for advancement

  • Approximate income of a photographer is $27000
  • Advance opportunity for photographer is with a experience, photojournalists who work for magazines and newspapers may become photography editors

What interests you about this occupation

  • Viewpoint and camera angle
  • Pattern
  • Lighting
  • Texture
  • Tone
  • Framing
  • Foreground
  • Background

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