VCR 10 Presentation

by Erin Murphy

The coach decided to ______________ the team for playing poorly by forcing them to run suicides.


tr. v. to seek to improve through punishment; to discipline

other forms: chastened, adj.; chastener, n.

roots: Castus "pure," "spotless" ; castigo, castigare, castigavi, castigatum "to punish," "to correct," "to restrain"


  • discipline
  • penalize
  • punish


  • approve
  • comfort
  • weaken

Choose the sentence that is using the word "chasten" incorrectly

A. The chastened dog reluctantly sat where its owner told it to stay instead of joining him on a walk.

B. Since the little girl ate a cookie without her parent's permission, she was chastened by being sent to her room.

C. Bruce, Anchor, and Chum were their own chasteners, punishing themselves any time they ate a fish.

D. The boys chasten the girl, calling her ugly and mean, despite her sweet personality.