Explore PBSKids for Your Classroom

Learn about free on-line and on-air resources

Professional Development for PreK-K teachers at Oakley STEM Center

Join WCTE's Cindy Putman for a fun filled day of learning about how to utilize PBSkids in a classroom setting. Explore PBSkids, PBSKids Lab, PBS Parents and apps for learning. Find out what resources are available to enhance your classroom instruction. The focus will be on literacy, math, and science and critical thinking skills for young learners so they will be Ready To Learn!

WCTE's Ready To Learn PreK-K Inservice

Tuesday, July 19th, 8:30am-3pm

155 West 7th Street

Cookeville, TN

This free inservice is limited to 30 PreK-K teachers or assistants. Please register and inservice credit will be provided per supervisor's approval. Click on the link below to secure a seat for this great inservice!