Killer whales

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Stay away from killer whales because they are dangerous.killer whales can live a long time.Also, you might see one springing ou of the water.Finnlly killer whales mostly eat a lot of ocean predators.Killer whales make a big jumbo splash in the ocean.


A killer whale has the hole ochen to like and play in driernt pleases. They live in all the oceans typically in colder regents on a Veragr the wild lives in between 25 to 35 years,a lthough they often reach so, and some live up to as long as 80 years. Pod members travel, hunt and play to gether throught their lives. These dangerous animals live a lonely life on the bottom of the ocean.


More importantly the killer whales features are magnificent. Killer whale noise have been described as squeaks, sava is , creaks whistles and groans. Males weigh (3600 5,500 kilograms). Females weigh (1,350-3560 kilograms) Humans only weigh (55-110 kilograms). Orcas are famous for their spectacular breaching where they leap clear of the surface and land on their back side. Killer whales are very noisy.


Killer whales eat more then people every day. Killer whales are very active. They need a lot of food- an adult killer whale eats about 3 to 4 percent Like- squid- fish-sea birds- turtles- seats seal ions. Penguins and Dolphins. Orcas have to eat a large a mount of food to keep thum warm. Killer whales eats a lot every day.


Killer whales are a lorg animal. In addition Kiler whales are humongous. Killer whales eat a big variety of food. As you can see Killer whales are unique.


Squid Something that has 8 short arms.

Orcas Another word for killer whale.

Average An estimation.


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