Civil Engineering Project

By: Nathan Almeida

What is a civil engineer?

Civil engineers oversee and decide what is need for a city and how to improve how a city is.

per example is sewage treatment and highway construction but there are many more.

Average Day

An average day will start with them going into their respective office or place of work and then checking reports, and or go to a meeting to review what the city need or to evaluate risks for a project that is planed to start. but they might also have task such as supervising soil tests or a construction site if so they would go and check up there.

What is the starting salary?

a civil engineer will make about $51,280 annually from entry.

How do you become a civil engineer?

You must first complete a bachelors degree at an accredited school, dependent on what specialty the engineer chose you will need mixes of fieldwork and lab work.