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Juliet was a young girl who was raised in Verona by Capulet and Lady Capulet. Juliet was thirteen years old and was going to turn fourteen soon. She eventually meets a man named Romeo and falls in love with him. He is, however, the son of her family's enemy. During Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is forced to choose her family or Romeo, and she is prepared to abandon her family for Romeo.


Juliet was the daughter of Lord Capulet and Lady capulet. Tybalt is Juliet's cousin on her mother's side. Peter, Anthony, Potpan, Sampson, and Gregory are all servants of the Capulet. Paris is a kinsman of the prince and a suitor of Juliet as well. Juliet also had a nurse who was Juliet's caretaker named Angelica. The Capulet family was a wealthy family from Verona.

Interesting Facts

--As a child, Juliet was taken care of by her nurse.

--Juliet's Heroine's name was Giulietta in earlier versions. Her name became Juliet in Arthur Brooke's narrative poem.

--Juliet marries Juliet when she was only thirteen years old.

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